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The great work which the Lord Jesus Christ, God's well beloved Son, came to do was to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. This finished work of the cross is.
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Lecture 8: The Work of Jesus Christ: Summary

He paid attention while I described the hardship I was enduring. Then he asked if he could give me some advice. Have you ever taken a large risk because you knew down deep that God was calling you to do it? If so, were you willing to persevere even when the path turned difficult? Did you decide to dig down and stick it out no matter what happened, because you just knew you were on the right path?

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Y ears ago, I lost a good friend and exceptional employee. He was 46 years old and died of a heart attack in front of me at work. Shortly after that, I lost another friend and employee of another dealership at age He was in a motorcycle accident.

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  7. We lost another great employee the next year. He would have turned 22 years old the next day, but he committed suicide.

    Sadly, these situations are not all that uncommon. I regularly get the privilege of welcoming new employees into our company. As part of our orientation and new hire training process, I go over our company history three generations! I n business, we are constantly being tested. Whether it is tough personnel decisions, investment opportunities, or even when hiring new team members, we are consistently challenged to have the right answer. For Christian business leaders, I think there might be more to each test than we realize.

    I magine for a moment that you and I are friends and have a fairly long history together.

    67 Ways to Integrate Your Faith into Your Business

    Based on this history, you trust me and typically believe what I say. In Japanese, there is a dedicated word that describes a syndrome where death ensues from overwork: karoshi.

    The best information I can find would suggest that since the syndrome was first identified in around 10, people die each year from overwork in Japan. Extremely long hours, night work, working without vacation or breaks, high pressure, bullying from management and constant stress is literally ending thousands of lives prematurely. Have you ever considered that Jesus modeled work-life ministry? It is easy to forget that Jesus spent more than 50 percent of His adult life in a carpentry shop. He was more known for being a carpenter than He was for being the Son of God. Perhaps that is why so many people had difficulty reconciling Jesus, the carpenter, with Jesus the Son of God who did miracles in the workplace.

    I have no snake oil remedies to sell, no self-improvement program for you, no quick fixes. Just some ideas that God has used in my own life as a pastor, that might be helpful in yours.

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    We all have a checklist, literally or metaphorically, that we are trying to accomplish each day at work. We all strive for achievements and reach for goals but at what point does our laser focus begin to hinder our personal and in turn, professional growth? What if taking the time to focus on ourselves, not our goals, could actually help us reach them quickly and in a healthier way?

    Run the Race - The Faith in Christ that Perseveres

    No matter what job you have, or what your stress-level Even those who have a field with more opportunities available may fear that they will have a strong dislike for the first few positions of their career. Resume Help.

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